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Rhythm on the Rocks

Dec 28, 2022

Hurry and grab a dirt-cheap, gas station beer as Frizz and Bob dig into their Spotify Wrapped playlists and share all the fun stories behind our favorites of 2022. Swing by for some insane facts about music you already know and love, new music you'll love listening to in 2023, way too many wheeze laughs, and an...

Dec 21, 2022

Frizz and Bob groove with Allen Thompson and Keisha Bailey of Ladycouch as we celebrate the end of 2022. We talk all about travellin' jam bands getting weird, building a musical family, Mantown™, the brilliance of a soup flight, and what Hank Williams was doing when he visited Waffle House.

Dec 14, 2022

Frizz and Bob unveil the magic of the holiday season and celebrate by pouring a dram of Glenfarclas 21 year old scotch. Join us as we dive head first into some of our all time favorite holiday songs and chat about how David Letterman made Frizz's Christmas better, Charlie Brown & The Muppets, the sexier side of...

Dec 7, 2022

Frizz and Bob share a new Japanese whisky, Fuyu Small Batch, and get their adreneline rush on with Levi and Matt from The Otolith. We chat all about their hot new album, overcoming loss and fear, jumping out of planes, the best Oreo flavor ever, and how to enjoy Malort- all while we try to figure out who let the dogs out.

Nov 30, 2022

Frizz and Bob enjoy a few swigs of Highland Park 12 and rave about an underappreciated album by Sir Elton John, Madman Across the Water. We highlight the uncanny talent of a young Elton as he's on the cusp of life-changing fame, the brilliance of one of the best (and longest) song writing partnerships in modern history,...